Since I was little, I have always loved cosmetic products and the world of beauty.

Test dozens of products, whether hair, face or body.

And it became such a passion that over time I made it my job.

In 2022, Ingrid Byron began creating her 100% natural cosmetics brand.

From there, ESSENCE BEAUTY was born in 2023.

Between the passion for cosmetics, communication and digital marketing.


ESSENCE BEAUTY, is a cosmetics brand based on organic and natural products with several ranges for different skin types.

All women need cosmetic products like creams, serums or body milk to feel good about their skin.

Products based on natural ingredients, we work with a Moroccan laboratory to design healthy and unadulterated products.


A young entrepreneurial woman who never gives up.

A true “womenboss” passionate about female entrepreneurship.

A digital expert, she masters the management of the company on her own.

Ingrid Byron, Content Creator on Instagram, is an expert in digital communication and social networks.


Essence Beauty is a story of a strong and independent woman.